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Welcome to Terra Firma Plant Technologies Ltd. 

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We are happy to announce that we have been nominated for 3 Grow-Up Awards. We are honored by the nomination(s) and are happy to be considered given that our company is new to you (even if the crew is not new to the industry). We have made remarkable strides in a short time and are very proud of this, our products and most importantly, our relationship with our customers and vendors! Thank you for believing in us!

Voting WAS open until September 12th, 2021.  We appreciate your vote and ongoing support....thanks so much!!!

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When one door closed, another door opened, and this created a new beginning for a like-minded group of people – this new beginning is now known as “Terra Firma Plant Technologies Ltd.”. This dynamic group of people bring not only diversity but high-level skills to Terra Firma.      


The vision for Terra Firma stems from this group being driven and passionate about creating a company where the customer(s) feel valued, appreciated, and heard. The Terra Firma team believes that brand recognition and loyalty is acquired by providing quality in service, product, and responsiveness.  


Terra Firma, also known as “Strong Earth” (in Latin), prides itself for its top-quality custom blended soils and nutrients that will meet and exceed customer expectations.


Prioritizing transparency and reliability, Terra Firma wants its customers to know that they will go above and beyond to provide the best customer service and they will always be there for your growing needs.   


Terra Firma prides themselves on having the knowledge and experience with soil cycles and  mixing high-quality soils and amendments to gain the best outcomes.

With this knowledge, Terra Firma has created top shelf recipes for soil and nutrients

to provide consistent, reliable soil.  


With Terra Firma products, you can trust that you will be guaranteed admirable growth and results for all your gardening needs.


Just as roots will grow deep into the earth, and seeds will sprout towards

the sky, Terra Firma will continue to thrive as they reach towards

the goal of being your preferred soil and nutrient provider.  


391 Tilley Road in Kelowna, BC



Thank you!

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